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About Rezekvítek



Rezekvítek is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to associate citizens that volunteer in environmental education and nature protection. Rezekvítek increases environmental awareness of citizens not only of the South Moravian Region by means of administration of environmentally valuable areas, publication activity, environmental consulting, organizing educational events and service for other organizations. For these activities we use the knowledge and experience gained through project realization in the last two decades.


Rezekvítek accomplishes these goals mostly by:


  • Educational events on environmental pedagogy and nature protection, e.g. course, seminars, summer schools, field trips, tours, workshops etc.

  • Environmentally-pedagogical use of protected and other naturally valuable areas.

  • Nature protection and administration of environmentally valuable areas including bio-technical interventions, reclamations to intended to increase biodiversity, preparation of administration plans, realization of investigations and monitoring.

  • Production, publication, lending or sale of methodical and educational materials for practical environmental education including teaching aids, software, multimedia, publications etc.

  • Running a center of environmental education by giving educational programs, providing accommodation and boarding.